Abandoned Trolleys

How to report an abandoned shopping trolley

An abandoned shopping trolley is an unattractive sight that most residents would rather not see in their suburb. If you spot an abandoned trolley anywhere, there’s a few options for having it removed.

If you can identify which company owns the trolley, they can be contacted using the following details to have it collected.

Coles – all locations
Telephone: 1800 876 553
Online: https://www.coles.com.au/customer-service/abandoned-trolley

Woolworths – all locations
Report to trolley tracker:
Telephone: 1800 641 497
Online: http://www.trolleytracker.com.au/Report

Foodland – Sefton Plaza
Telephone: 8169 3200
Online: http://www.seftonplazafoodland.com.au/lost-trolleys

Foodland – Prospect Plaza
Telephone:  8344 6746
Online: prospect@foodland.sa.com.au