Council-wide 40km/h speed limit

Safer Speeds = Safer Streets = Safer Cities

Travel speed is a contributing factor in all crashes and City of Prospect is working towards improving road safety on the local road network. We are seeking community feedback to implement a Council-wide 40km/h speed limit on the local road network, excluding:

  • Galway Avenue as it is a bus route;
  • Prospect Road (retain existing 40km/h and 50km/h)
  • Roads managed by the State Government: Torrens Road, Regency Road, Churchill Road, Fitzroy Terrace, Main North Road, Nottage Terrace, North East Road and Hampstead Road.

The lower the speed, the more chance a driver has of being able to stop or reduce their speed to a level which reduces the chance of a serious injury or fatality. Research estimates that a reduction of 5km/h in average travel speed reduces urban casualty crashes by about 25 per cent.

Changing the way local streets are used can improve quality of life and amenity for all residents, with streets becoming more attractive for people, not just vehicles.

Have your say via by Friday 15 November 2019.

Your active participation in the survey is appreciated and the survey results will be presented to Council to inform a final decision.