Public Consultation

Your views are important to us!

We are interested in hearing from our community about our projects and initiatives.

Under the Local Government Act 1999, we are bound to consult with the community on various proposals. In other cases, the legislation does not set specific requirements, but we have developed a customised consultation program in line with our Community Engagement and Consultation Policy.

Current consultations

Council-wide 40km/h speed limit

Travel speed is a contributing factor in all crashes and City of Prospect is working towards improving road safety on the local road network. We are seeking community feedback to implement a Council-wide 40km/h speed limit on the local road network.

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Housing Diversity and Desirable Neighbourhoods Study

Do you value the local housing and character in your area? Does the existing housing in Prospect meet your current and future needs? Do you want to remain in Prospect but with a different type of house? Now is the time to let us know your views.

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