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  • Prospect – globally connected – now globally awarded!

    24th October 2019
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    Prospect does it again Smashing national records Prospect is now the most awarded Smart City in the nation
  • New CEO appointment

    25th September 2019
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    Latest News. 28 Oct 2019. City of Prospect has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. “On behalf of City of Prospect, its community and its many stakeholders, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Nigel McBride as our new Chief
  • We are introducing Public Question Time

    6th August 2019
    6th August 2019. Dates:every fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm. Address:Payinthi, 128 Prospect Road. Have a question for Council? City of Prospect is committed to understanding the community’s needs and to learn about your views. We are
  • Home Page Card Image- Dog In Street

    Animal Renewal Notices for 2019/2020

    28th June 2019
    28th June 2019. Animal renewal notices for 2019/20 will be sent to pet owners in the first week of July. This year renewal notices will be sent for both dogs and cats but there is no fee applicable for cats. If you are a pet owner and have selected
  • Community Hub, Library & Innovation Centre

    30th May 2019
    Find out more about our new building on Prospect Road It s due to open in late 2019
  • Community Tile Bench Project

    29th May 2019
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    Are you are passionate about the City of Prospect area and want to be part of a great collaborative Arts project? Find out more
  • Let's Chill Winter Activity Guide

    21st May 2019
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    Latest News. 21st May 2019.
  • Housing Diversity and Desirable Neighbourhoods Study

    9th May 2019
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    Do you value the local housing and character in your area? Does the existing housing in Prospect meet your current and future needs? Let us know your views
  • Recycling with East Waste

    15th April 2019
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    Recently there has been concerning media regarding the contents of the yellow recycling bin not being correctly recycled in parts of Australia
  • Hard Waste Collection Services

    20th March 2019
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    Did you know that each household within City of Prospect is eligible for three free hard waste collections per financial year? Find out more